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Zone 7 Water Agency is the Administering Agency for Alameda County's "Water Wells Ordinance" (General Ordinance Number 0-2015-20) in Eastern Alameda County.

Any planned new well, well repair or modification, well destruction, or exploratory soil boring that may intersect groundwater within Zone 7's jurisdiction must by permitted by Zone 7 before starting the work. In addition, a Zone 7 drilling permit is required to dig, drill, bore, drive, advance by direct push any exploratory soil boring 10 feet or greater in depth within the groundwater basins of Zone 7 regardless of groundwater depth.

Special Requirement Areas

As provided for in the Water Wells Ordinance, there are Special Requirement Areas within Zone 7's jurisdiction where:

  1. soil boring permits are required for boreholes at 10 feet or greater depth, regardless of groundwater depth;
  2. supply wells are prohibited; and
  3. special well construction techniques are required for boreholes and monitoring wells to prevent vertical spreading of contamination.
  • For a map showing the Special Requirement Areas, click here.
  • To view the Special Soil Boring Permit and Well Construction Requirements, click here.

Additionally, any unused or abandoned well within Zone 7 jurisdiction must be permanently destroyed under a permit from Zone 7 unless and owner signs a Statement of Future Well Use.

Permit applications and fees must be received by Zone 7 at least 10 business days prior to beginning any drilling or well destruction. Please mail or deliver your completed permit application and/or Statement of Future Use, along with the appropriate permit fees, to:

Zone 7 Water Agency
100 North Canyons Parkway
Livermore, CA 94551-9486
Attn: Drilling Permits

Permit fees are payable by check, made out to Zone 7 Water Agency, or by cash at Zone 7 administrative offices in Livermore. You may send inquiries and application materials by e-mail to; however, permits will not be processed until the proper fees are received. Call 925-454-5000 for additional information.