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Living Arroyos is a public-private partnership to restore the urban streams and streamside habitats of the Livermore-Amador Valley, while continuing to protect drinking water supplies and prevent flooding.

The program relies on the support and participation of the community to create beautiful, safe, natural areas that serve the needs of people and other living things. To learn more, go to

Living Arroyos is envisioned as a means to increase opportunities for local residents to engage in hands-on watershed stewardship, and to establish relationships with streams near their homes.

Arroyo Mocho Stanley Reach Riparian and Channel Enhancement Pilot Project

Zone 7 implemented a unique pilot project in 2013 to enhance a section of the Arroyo Mocho flood control channel in Livermore.  The agency's Arroyo Mocho Stanley Reach Riparian and Channel Enhancement Pilot Project is located adjacent to Stanley Boulevard between Murrieta Boulevard and Isabel Avenue in the city of Livermore.

The project will demonstrate the feasibility of transforming an earthen trapezoidal channel into a vegetated stream reach exhibiting natural characteristics, while also maintaining its core functionality for flood protection, local sediment management, and groundwater recharge.  


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