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California Natural Resources Secretary John Laird in January 2014 talked to the Tri-Valley about the state Water Action Plan. To view the video, click here.

The Water Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create a better understanding of water isues and help resolve water resource problems through educational programs.

To view a full-color slideshow paying tribute to the State Water Project, featured in Aquafornia (the California Water News Blog by the Water Education Foundation), click here.

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califwaterseries.jpgA Public Television Series: California's Water This is a multi-part series for public television produced by Huell Howser and underwritten by members of the Association of California Water Agencies (including Zone 7). This series explores California's water resources and the complex system of natural and man-made features that has allowed growing communities, productive farms, industry and ecosystems to co-exist in a state that receives little or no rain for months at a time.

A segment, "Beyond Drought: Factors Affecting California's Water Supply," includes an interview with Zone 7 general manager Jill Duerig and deals with the looming crisis in sustaining the Delta both ecologically and as a long-term water supply for more than 23 million Californians, including those served by Zone 7 and some other Bay Area Water agencies.  

All of the California Water series segements are available for online viewing at In addition, Zone 7 has a limited number of DVDs from available for people to borrow. For information, call 925-454-5015.

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Zone 7 supplies treated drinking water to retailers serving approximately 220,000 people in Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin and, through special agreement with the Dublin San Ramon Services District, to the Dougherty Valley area. We also supply untreated water for irrigation of 3,500 acres, primarily South Livermore Valley vineyards, and provide flood protection to all 425 square miles of eastern Alameda County.

View map showing the water retailers in our service area.