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 Flooding in the Livermore-Amador Valley is nothing new.

 1938 -- Holmes Street at Arroyo Mocho1935_holmes_mocho.jpg in Livermore










Christmas Eve flooding in 1955 -- two years before Zone 7 was created in part to provide flood protection -- left much of northern Pleasanton, in the vicinity of where Hacienda Business Park now stands, under water.



The following two photos (courtesy of the Amador Livermore Valley Museum) were taken near Hopyard Road in Pleasanton during that same December 1955 storm.






1993 Arroyo Mocho, Pleasanton1993_mocho_ptown.jpg

More recent flooding, in 1998, occurred at El Charro Ranch, located between Pleasanton and Livermore.



Since its inception in 1957, Zone 7 has taken several steps to reduce flooding potential. Additional measures have been identified in the Agency's Stream Management Master Plan

To view Zone 7's main page for Flood Protection & Stream Management, click here.

Zone 7 requires an encroachment permit prior to activities or construction that will be conducted within the agency's property, easements, or rights-of-way. These permits help protect the region's water supply and flood control facilities, ensure the safety of nearby residents and passers-bys, and ensure that Zone 7's facilities are restored to their original condition. Zone 7's encroachment permit is separate from other city or public agency permits.

Zone 7 charges a permit processing fee of $50 for minor encroachments and $200 for major encroachments to cover administrative costs. Zone 7 may also charge applicants costs associated with project investigation, plan review and field inspections. Click here for permit guidelines and general provisions.

For most encroachment permits, please submit your completed encroachment permit application, required supporting documentation, and non-refundable permit fee to John Koltz at Zone 7 Water Agency, 100 North Canyons Parkway, Livermore, California 94551 or call him at (925) 454-5067 for additional information. Typically, Zone 7 issues permit within two to five working days, but permit issuance for projects requiring field inspections can take up to 20 working days.

For permits related to Zone 7 flood protection property, contact Jessica Traynor at the above address or at 925-454-5021.

Zone 7 Water Agency is the Administering Agency for Alameda County's "Water Wells Ordinance" (General Ordinance Number 0-2015-20) in Eastern Alameda County.

Any planned new well, well repair or modification, well destruction, or exploratory soil boring that may intersect groundwater within Zone 7's jurisdiction must by permitted by Zone 7 before starting the work. In addition, a Zone 7 drilling permit is required to dig, drill, bore, drive, advance by direct push any exploratory soil boring 10 feet or greater in depth within the groundwater basins of Zone 7 regardless of groundwater depth.

Special Requirement Areas

As provided for in the Water Wells Ordinance, there are Special Requirement Areas within Zone 7's jurisdiction where:

  1. soil boring permits are required for boreholes at 10 feet or greater depth, regardless of groundwater depth;
  2. supply wells are prohibited; and
  3. special well construction techniques are required for boreholes and monitoring wells to prevent vertical spreading of contamination.
  • For a map showing the Special Requirement Areas, click here.
  • To view the Special Soil Boring Permit and Well Construction Requirements, click here.

Additionally, any unused or abandoned well within Zone 7 jurisdiction must be permanently destroyed under a permit from Zone 7 unless and owner signs a Statement of Future Well Use.

Permit applications and fees must be received by Zone 7 at least 10 business days prior to beginning any drilling or well destruction. Please mail or deliver your completed permit application and/or Statement of Future Use, along with the appropriate permit fees, to:

Zone 7 Water Agency
100 North Canyons Parkway
Livermore, CA 94551-9486
Attn: Drilling Permits

Permit fees are payable by check, made out to Zone 7 Water Agency, or by cash at Zone 7 administrative offices in Livermore. You may send inquiries and application materials by e-mail to; however, permits will not be processed until the proper fees are received. Call 925-454-5000 for additional information.