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kid_drink.jpgZone 7 provides treated drinking water to four water retailers serving around 240,000 residents and businesses. The retailers are: the City of Pleasanton; the City of Livermore; California Water Service Company - Livermore; and Dublin San Ramon Services District, which provides water service to Dublin and the Dougherty Valley area of San Ramon.

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This Final SMMP was developed using a collaborative approach with Zone 7 staff, staff from other agencies in the Valley, and representatives from regional stakeholder groups. The stakeholders involved provided input through a series of workshops and meetings held between September 2002 and March 2005, as outlined in Table ES-1. Through these workshops, the stakeholders and Zone 7 staff worked together to provide input on goals and objectives for the SMMP, stream management needs and opportunities, and recommended projects for the SMMP Program.

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Draft Hazard Mitigation Plan Available for Review

Zone 7 Water Agency has updated its Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) as mandated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. A current HMP allows the Agency to reduce the costs associated with disaster response and recovery by implementing hazard mitigation strategies.

A final draft of the HMP is now available for review.



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