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14-4359   Adoption of the 2013 Integrated Regional Water Management Plan
14-4360   Designating Zone 7's Voting Member on Proposed Changes to the ACWA Bylaws
14-4361   Declaring May as Water Awareness Month
14-4362   Contract for Standby Power Generator Rental
14-4363   Award of Contract for the DVWTP Filter No. 1 Media Replacement Project
14-4364   Contract for Maintenance and Emergency Work for Flood Control Facilities
14-4365   Revised Water Quality Policy for Potable and Non-potable Water

14-4351   Third Amendment to Memorandum of Understanding for the Alameda Creek Workgroup
14-4352   Award of Contract for PPWTP UF Clarifier Recoating Work
14-4353   Additional Funding for Construction of Pipeline Between Cope Lake and Lake I
14-4354   Contract with Schaaf & Wheeler for Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modeling and Mapping Support
14-4355   Contract for Mocho 3 and Stoneridge Well Repair Project
14-4356   Accepting Tri-Valley Utilities Coordination/Integration Study
14-4357   Alameda County Building and Construction Trades Council-represented Classifications
14-4358   Amendment to Appendix A, Footnotes to Salary Schedule 7.2

14-4343   Amendment of the Conflict of Interest Code Section Entitled, "Appendix of Designated Positions"
14-4344   Authorization to Execute PWRPA Agreements
14-4345   Approval of One Unfunded Position of Junior/Assistant Engineer/Geologist, Zone 7
14-4346   Congratulations to Retiree – Jack Lowe Fong
14-4347   Preliminary Lake Use Evaluation for the Chain of Lakes
14-4348   Declaring the Public Necessity for the Taking of Certain Property and Directing the Filing of Eminent Domain Proceedings for Chain of Lakes Well No. 5
14-4349   Purchase of Surplus Alameda County Property for the Busch-Valley Well
14-4350   Purchase of Union Pacific Railroad Property for the Busch-Valley Well