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15-97   Designating Zone 7's Voting Representative for ACWA's Elections
15-98   Endorsing Kathy Tiegs' Candidacy for ACWA President 2016-17
15-99   Authorization for Commercial Use of a Septic System for Tri-Valley Sikh Center Located at 2089 N. Livermore Ave., in North Livermore
(APN 099-0015-001-04)
15-100   Authorization to Amend Existing Contract with Fanfa for Flood Facility Maintenance and Emergency Repair Work
15-101   Purchasing Untreated Water Allocation From Willing Seller
15-102   Amendment to Contract (A13-56-LAN) With Lanlogic, Inc.
15-103   Authorizing Water Resources Technician II Position
15-104   Implementation of New Water Wells Ordinance
15-105   Authorizing General Manager Salary Adjustment

15-89   Revising the Zone 7 Water Agency Strategic Planning Priorities
15-90   Authorization for LARPD to Manage Living Arroyos Program
15-91   Authorization for Commercial Use of a Septic System for Murrieta's Well Winery Located at 3005 Mines Road, in South Livermore (APN 099A–2300–001–06)
15-92   Out-of-State Travel Reimbursement for WaterRF Workshop
15-93   Contract for On-Call Construction and Emergency Support Services of Zone 7 Facilities
15-94   Connection Fees for the Zone 7 and Dougherty Valley Service Areas Effective January 1, 2016
15-95   Adoption of the Treated Water Service Rates for Calendar Years 2016, 2017, 2018
15-96   Authorizing Video-Recording of Board Meetings

15-85   Proclaiming the Week of October 19–24, 2015 to be Flood Preparedness Week
15-86   Out-Of-State Travel Expense Reimbursement to Attend the Annual AWWA California–Nevada Section Fall Conference
15-87   Agreement for Construction of New Untreated Olivina Turnout
15-88   Authorization for Commercial Use of a Septic System for Nella Terra Winery Located at 5003 Sheridan Road, Alameda County
(APN 096–0001–002–20) 

15-77   Authorizing General Manager to Cast Zone 7's Vote
15-78   Endorsing Task Order to Conduct Polling for Advanced Water Recycling
15-79   Memorandum of Understanding to Delegate Authority Provided by the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act
15-80   Approving a Mitigated Negative Declaration for "Stream Maintenance – Priority Projects 2015;" Adopting a Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program; and Approving the Project
15-81   Amendment to Contract (A12-33-HYD) with HydroMetrics Water Resources, Inc.
15-82   Arroyo Mocho Floodplain and Riparian Forest Restoration Project
15-83   Approving the Application for Grant Funds for the California River Parkways Grant Program and Other Grant Programs
15-84   Authorizing the President of the Board to Provide Required Grand Jury Response