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15-66   Memorandum of Agreement to Participate in the Bay Area Regional Reliability
15-67   Award of Contract for Embankment Slope Mowing Services
15-68   Professional Services Contract with Bluestone Engineering for Structural Engineering Support Services
15-69   Extension of Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement for Aquatic Pesticides Permit Monitoring
15-70   Approve one additional position of Water Resources Technician
15-71   Approving and Adopting the Nutrient Management Plan
15-72   Landfill Disposal Services

15-50   Agreement with Oliver DeSilva, Inc., for Mitigation in the Arroyo Mocho - Stanley Reach
15-51   Authorization for a Commercial Use of a Septic System for Mitchell Katz Winery located at 2481 Buena Vista Ave., in South Livermore
(APN 099-1200-014-01)
15-52   Authorization for Commercial Use of a Septic System for Darcie Kent Vinyards, LLC located at 7000 Tesla Road, in South Livermore
(APN 099A-1601-006-07)
15-53   Approve one unfunded position of Junior/Assistant Engineer/Geologist

15-43   Agreement Renewal for Seasonal Diversion Dam in Arroyo Las Positas with the City of Livermore
15-44   Document Management Software for Records Retention/Management
15-45   DWR Multi-Year Water Pool Demonstration Program Agreement
15-46   Amending Guiding Principles for Board Members
15-47   Contract for Phase 1 of the Busch Valley Well No. 1 Project
15-48   Contract for Stoneridge Cross-Valley Isolation Valve Project
15-49   MOU with Alameda County Resource Conservation District to Support Stonybrook Creek Fish Passage Improvement Project

17-09   "Declaration of March 20-26, 2017 as Fix a Leak Week and May as Water Awareness Month"
17-10   Declaration of Local State of Flood Emergency
17-11   Amend Contract with Fanfa, Inc., for Emergency Work for Flood Control Facilities
17-12   Local Sponsorship of Emergency Watershed Protection Program
17-13   Design Services Contract with FlowWest for Emergency Work
17-14   Amend Contract with Fanfa, Inc., or Equivalent, for Emergency Construction Work
17-15   Authorization for LARPD to Manage Weed Control Spraying Services Contract
17-16   Contract Amendment for Emergency Repair of the Hopyard Pipeline
17-17   Footnote for Zone 7 Treasurer