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16-120   Out-of-State Travel Authorization for SmartEnergy 2016 Conference
16-121   Congratulations to Retiree – Tom Hughes
16-122   Adoption of the 2015 Urban Water Management Plan, Including the Water Shortage Contingency Plan

16-123   Approving two unfunded positions of Junior/Assistant Engineer/Geologist
16-124   Memorandum of Understanding to Accept Authority Provided by the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act
16-125   Authorization for Contract with Trihey to Provide Specialized Environmental Analysis
16-126   Water Exchange with Contra Costa Water District – Extension
16-127   Declaring May as Water Awareness Month
16-128   Contract for Communication Support Services
16-129   Authorizing a Contract with Morrison and Associates, Inc., to Provide Professional Services for Outreach Program Support
16-130   Award of Environmental Compliance and Planning Services Contract
16-131   Award of Contracts for the PPWTP New Media Filters and Clearwell Project
16-132   Contract for Support Services for Streams Management Master Plan Update and Stormwater Resource Plan

16-133   Authorization for Commercial Use of an Onsite Wastewater Treatment System for Rao & Rao Co. Winery, 8310 Tesla Road, Livermore (APN 099A-1625-017)
16-134   Living Arroyos Program Extension
16-135   Award of Contracts for the DVWTP Ozonation Project

16-136   Management Employees Association Salary Increase
16-137   Unrepresented Classifications Salary Increase
16-138   Out-of-State Travel Reimbursement for AWWA ACE 2016
16-139   Electrical Engineering Support Services
16-140   Amendment to Contract (A13-56-LAN) With Lanlogic, Incorporated
16-141   Authorization for Contract with ICF International to Provide Specialized Environmental Analysis
16-142   Ending Local Drought Emergency
16-143   Sites Reservoir Project – Phase 1 Proposal to Participate
16-144   Proposed Budget FY 2016-18
16-145   Management Employees Association for a "Me Too Clause" with Regard to Wages
16-146   Amendment to Appendix A, Footnotes to Salary Schedule 9.1
16-147   Amendment to Appendix A, Footnotes to Salary Schedule 7.4
16-148   Amendment to Appendix A, Footnotes to Salary Schedule 9.3