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09-3205   Contract with Padre Associates for Environmental Compliance Support Services
09-3206   Approval for Grant of Easement to the City of Livermore
09-3207   Approving a Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Solar Photovoltaic at the Del Valle Water Treatment Plant; Adopting a Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program; and Approving the Project
09-3208   New Salary Schedule for the Environmental & Public Affairs Manager
09-3209   Chain of Lakes Well Nos. 1 & 2 - Facilities and Sitework Project Number 180-08

08-3170   Amendment No. 2 Extending the Term of the Agreement with Associated Right of Way Services, Inc.
08-3171   Executing an Agreement with Lanlogic, Inc., to Provide Desktop and Network Computer Maintenance and Information Technology Support
08-3172   Items to be Removed From Inventory Records
08-3173   Award of Contracts to Jones & Stokes for Public Outreach
08-3174   Morrison & Associates for Communication Support Services
08-3175   Award of Contract to Jones & Stokes for East Alameda County Conservation Strategy–Phases 2 and 3
08-3176   Award of Contract to All Bay Electric for Electrical Services for Water Supply Facilities, Project No. 187-08
08-3177   FY 2008-09 Consulting Services Contract with Kenneth R. Henneman, Water Resources Consultant
08-3178   FY 2008-09 Consulting Services Contract with Billy Ferguson, Civil Engineering Consultant
08-3179   FY 2008-09 Consulting Services Contract with Yan Kee Chan, Civil Engineering Consultant
08-3180   Award of Contract to Bruce Balala Excavating for District-wide Embankment Slope Mowing Services for FY 08-09
08-3181   Connection Fee Refund: Avalon Bay
08-3182   Commute Mileage Reimbursement – Zone 7 Vehicles
08-3183   Agreement with On Assignment Staffing Services Dba On Assignment Lab Support
08-3184   Personnel Action: Manager of Human Resources & Safety
08-3185   Personnel Action: Safety Technician I/II
08-3186   Personnel Action: Senior Procurement & Contracts Specialist
08-3187   Pilot Quagga and Zebra Mussel Prevention Program at Lake Del Valle
08-3188   Contract with Water Quality & Treatment Solutions, Inc., for a Supplemental Evaluation of the Altamont Water Treatment Plant
08-3189   Clarifying Resolution of Necessity and Necessity Require the Acquisition of Certain Real Property
APN: 099-0100-037-01
08-3190   Clarifying Resolution of Necessity No. 07-2932 Which Determined that the Public Interest and Necessity Require the Acquisition of Certain Real Property
APN: 099-0100-030-02
08-3191   Resolution for the Consideration of Construction Contract Award for the El Charro Pipeline Phase 1
08-3192   Award of Contract to ECO:LOGIC for Engineering Support Services During Construction of the El Charro Pipeline Phase 1 and Chain of Lakes Wells No. 1 & 2 – Facilities and Site Work Project
08-3193   Award of Contract to Covello Group for Construction Management Services During Construction of the El Charro Pipeline Phase 1 and Chain of Lakes Wells No. 1 & 2 – Facilities and Site Work Project
08-3194   Award of Construction Contract to Sanco Pipelines for the Former Camp Parks Pipeline Lining & Connections, Project No. 184-08
08-3195   Award of Contract to GSE Construction Company for Maintenance and Energy Work for Water Supply Facilities,
08-3196   Award of Contract to Joe Shaver Blackhoe Services for Excavation and Hauling Services for Water Supply Facilities, Project No. 186-08
08-3197   Amendment No. 2 to Contract with Telstar for Instrumentation Services
08-3198   Amendment No. 4 to Professional Services Agreement with Wunderlich-Malec Engineering for SCADA Systems Maintenance
08-3199   Amendment No. 3 to Contract with Karl Needham Enterprises for Centrifuge Equipment Rental and Operation Services
08-3200   Amendment to Appendix A, Footnote to Salary Schedule 4.20

08-3157   Out-Of-State Travel Expense Reimbursement to Attend the 2008 AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition in Atlanta, GA
08-3158   Contract Amendment No. 1 with Dependable Janitorial Service
08-3159   Contract Amendment with DTN Engineers, Inc. for Electrical Engineering Support Services
08-3160   Contract with Kier & Wright Civil Engineer & Surveyors, Inc., for Surveying Support Services
08-3161   Contract with Consolidated Engineering Laboratories for Materials Testing Support
08-3162   Water Connection Fee Refund – Harvest Properties
08-3163   Accept and Record Quitclaim of Easement
08-3164   License Agreement with Dublin San Ramon Services District
08-3165   Contract Amendment No. 1 with Bay Area Clean Water Agencies to Provide Temporary Bridge Funding to BACWA
08-3166   Authorization to Amend Contract with HDR Engineering, Inc. to Provide Additional Methodology in Calculating the Fee and Finalizing the Development Impact Fee Engineering Study for the SMMP Projects
08-3167   Amendment No. 1 to MHGC's Untreated Water Services Contract
08-3168   Award of Contract to Fanfa, Inc., for Operated Equipment Supply Contract for As-Needed Routine Maintenance and Emergency Work for Flood Control Facilities, Project No. 178-09
08-3169   Establishing an Escrow Account or Similarly Acceptable Mechanism to Execute all Documents Necessary to Provide the Funding Assurances for an Endowment that Covers the Management and Maintenance Work Effort in Perpetuity for the Walker Conservation Easement
08-3201   Appointing Gilberte F. Duerig to the Position of Zone 7 General Manager