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09-3229   Resolution for Consultant Contract Award for the Del Valle Water Treatment Plant Electrical Power System Upgrade Project 
09-3230   Executing an Implementation Agreement with Bay Area Water Agencies 
09-3231   Contract Amendment with Carollo Engineers for Security Systems Improvements for Existing Facilities 
09-3232   Approving a Refund of Connection Fees to Pfeiffer Ranch Investors, Inc. 
09-3233   Contract with Management Partners, Inc. for a Comprehensive Economic and Operational Analysis
09-3234   Resolution for the Consideration of Construction Contract Award for the Del Valle Water Treatment Plant 3 MG and 4.5 MG Clearwell Recoating Project, Project Number 189-08
09-3235   Water Connection Fees for the Zone 7 and Dougherty Valley Service Areas Effective January 1, 2009


09-3218   Request for Out-of-State Travel Expense Reimbursement to Attend Governmental Finance Officer's Association "Accounting for Capital Assets" Training in Phoenix, Arizona
09-3219   Out-of-State Travel Expense Reimbursement to Attend the California-Nevada Section - American Water Works Association  (AWWA) 2008 Fall Conference in Reno, Nevada
09-3220   Approval for Grant of Easement to PG&E/AT&T
09-3221   Accept and Record Quitclaim Deeds 
09-3222   Director Myers' Reimbursement for Necessary Expenses Associated with his Attendance at the Southern California Water Dialogue Meeting and the Water Forum in Los Angeles, California
09-3223   Director Myers' Reimbursement for Necessary Expenses Associated with Attending the Bay Delta Conservation Planning (BDCP) Effort 
09-3224   Agreement with California Resources Agency/CALFED Bay-Delta Program 
09-3225   Approving the Plans, Specifications, Appendices and Addenda for the Patterson Pass Water Treatment Plant Improvements Project 
09-3226   Reimbursement of Costs Flood Control Maintenance and Emergency Services Provided by Alameda County Public Works Agency
09-3227   Amendment to Appendix A, Footnotes to Salary Schedule 7.2


17-89   Authorization for Out-of-State Travel to Attend Upcoming Association of California Water Agencies' DC Conference
17-90   Appointment of Retired Annuitant
17-91   Upgrading GIS Software
17-92   Accepting the Annual Report on Collection and Use of Development Fees
17-93   Amending Agreement with CEMEX to Install Exploratory Borings and a Nested Monitoring Well at Lakes A & B
17-94   Barry Ivy Retirement Commendation
17-95   Vegetation Support Services
17-96   Independent Auditor's Report and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the Fiscall Year Ended June 30, 2017
17-97   Professional Services Agreements to Issue JPA Revenue Bonds

17-55    Professional Services Contract with Kier & Wright, Inc., for Surveying Support Services 
17-56   Authorization to Contract with PMA Consultants LLC for Flood Emergency Projects 
17-57   Joint Funding Agreement with CEMEX
17-58   Award of Pre-Construction Support Services Contracts for the DVWTP & PPWTP Upgrades and Ozonation Project