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08-3157   Out-Of-State Travel Expense Reimbursement to Attend the 2008 AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition in Atlanta, GA
08-3158   Contract Amendment No. 1 with Dependable Janitorial Service
08-3159   Contract Amendment with DTN Engineers, Inc. for Electrical Engineering Support Services
08-3160   Contract with Kier & Wright Civil Engineer & Surveyors, Inc., for Surveying Support Services
08-3161   Contract with Consolidated Engineering Laboratories for Materials Testing Support
08-3162   Water Connection Fee Refund – Harvest Properties
08-3163   Accept and Record Quitclaim of Easement
08-3164   License Agreement with Dublin San Ramon Services District
08-3165   Contract Amendment No. 1 with Bay Area Clean Water Agencies to Provide Temporary Bridge Funding to BACWA
08-3166   Authorization to Amend Contract with HDR Engineering, Inc. to Provide Additional Methodology in Calculating the Fee and Finalizing the Development Impact Fee Engineering Study for the SMMP Projects
08-3167   Amendment No. 1 to MHGC's Untreated Water Services Contract
08-3168   Award of Contract to Fanfa, Inc., for Operated Equipment Supply Contract for As-Needed Routine Maintenance and Emergency Work for Flood Control Facilities, Project No. 178-09
08-3169   Establishing an Escrow Account or Similarly Acceptable Mechanism to Execute all Documents Necessary to Provide the Funding Assurances for an Endowment that Covers the Management and Maintenance Work Effort in Perpetuity for the Walker Conservation Easement
08-3201   Appointing Gilberte F. Duerig to the Position of Zone 7 General Manager

08-3145   Contract Amendment 4 with Meyers Nave Riback Silver and Wilson
08-3146   Agreement with Wunderlich-Malec Engineering for SCADA System Maintenance
08-3147   Declaring May as Water Awareness Month
08-3148   Reimbursing Director Kohnen for Attending the 2008 Special Districts Legislative Day on May 12, 2008
08-3149   Resolution for the Consideration of Construction Contract Award for Altamont Pipeline Project Livermore Reach
08-3150   Contract with Harris and Associates for Construction Management Services
08-3151   Contract with CH2M Hill for Engineering Support Services During Construction
08-3152   Contract with JSA for Public Outreach and Environmental Support Services for the Altamont Pipeline Livermore Reach Project
08-3154   Contract Amendment with ECO:LOGIC Engineering for Additional Design and Construction Management Services for Zone 7's Master Plan Wells and Pipeline - Phase 1
08-3155   Authorization for Commercial Septic Tank System, Las Positas Vineyards, 508 Kalthoff Common, Livermore (Case No. 08-059)
08-3156   Power Purchase Agreement

08-3130   Reimbursements for Director Quigley and Palmer for Attending the NBWA's "The Power of Water" Conference in Petaluma
08-3131   Request for Out-of-State Travel Expense Reimbursement to Attend Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP)-Related Meetings in Washington DC
08-3132   Request for Out-of-State Travel Expense Reimbursement to Attend 2008 AWWA Compensation Strategies Seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 6-7, 2008
08-3133   Landfill Services Contract with Waste Management
08-3134   Bay-Friendly Landscape and Gardening Seven Principles Declaration and Authorizing the General Manager to Sign the Declaration to Demonstrate Support for the Coalition and the Basic Environmental Values it Represents
08-3135   Del Valle Water Treatment Plant Clearwell Recoating Design and Construction Support Services Contract Award
08-3136   Suspending Untreated Water Services to Mountain House Golf Course
08-3137   Budgets for Fiscal Year 2008-2009
08-3139   Budgets for Fiscal Year 2008-2009
08-3140   Budgets for Fiscal Year 2008-2009

08-3123   Election for the Purpose of Electing Three Members of the Board of Directors of Zone 7
08-3124   Contract Amendment 3 with Meyers Nave Riback Silver and Wilson
08-3125   Partnering and/or Joint Funding Agreements: General Manager Authority
08-3126   Altamont Pipeline Project - Project No. 169-06
08-3127   Chain of Lakes Wells No. 1 and 2 - Project No. 176-07
08-3128   Amending Agreements As Needed with the Department of Water Resources, Mirant Delta, and the San Luis & Delta Mendota Water Authority
08-3129   Request for Out-of-State Travel Expense Reimbursement to Attend the ACWA 2008 Washington, D.C. Conference