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10-3334   Congratulations to Retiree – David W. Lunn  
10-3335   Approving the Form and Authorizing the Execution and Delivery with Respect to the Sale of the Seller's Proposition 1A Receivable from the State; and Directing and Authorizing Certain Other Actions in Connection Therewith
10-3336   Memorandum of Agreement with BARWC
10-3337   New Classification and Salary Schedule for Water Conservation Coordinator
10-3338   Award of Contract for the Del Valle Water Treatment Plant Electrical Power System Upgrade Project
10-3339   Adoption of the Delta Charge for 2010
10-3340   Authorize the Use of the Rate Stabilization Reserve for 2010
10-3341   Adoption of the Treated Water Service Rate for 2010
10-3342   Adoption of the Recharge Fee Rate for 2010
10-3343   Adoption of the Temporary Treated Water Service Rate for 2010
10-3344   Adoption of the Treated Water Rate Schedule for Private Fire System and Standby Service for 2010
10-3345   Adoption of the Untreated Water Rate for 2010
10-3346   Adoption of the Temporary Untreated Water Rate for 2010
10-3347   Adoption of the Non-Scheduled Untreated Water Rate for 2010
10-3348   Adoption of the Surplus Untreated Water Rate for 2010
10-3349   Adopting the Fiscal Year 201/11 Biannual Capital Improvement Program Document
10-3350   Resolution for the Groundwater Influence on Delivered Water Quality Study

10-3328   Water Systems Superintendent Salary Adjustment
10-3329   Construction Maintenance Laborer Salary Adjustment
10-3330   Production Manager Salary Adjustment
10-3331   Recommending Director Quigley for a Position on the ACWA's Local Government Committee
10-3332   Directors Palmer and Quigley's Reimbursement for Actual and Necessary Expenses Associated with Their Attendance at the "Northern California's Critical Need for Surface Water Storage" Event
10-3333   Management Partners Comprehensive Economic and Operations Analysis

10-3321   Filing a Notice of Exemption with the Clerk of the Board of Alameda County
10-3322   Accept and Record Grant of Easement
10-3323   Out-Of-State Expense Reimbursements to Attend the California-Nevada Section - American Water Works Association (AWWA) 2009 Fall Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada
10-3324   Dick Quigley's Reimbursement for attending the California Special District Association (CSDA)'s Annual Conference & Exhibitor Showcase in Indian Wells, California
10-3325   Executing a Landfill Services Contract with Republic Services, Inc.
10-3326   Water Connection Fees Related to Vasco Road Landfill Conditions of Approval
10-3327   Amending Agreements or Executing New Agreements As Needed with the Department of Water Resources, Mirant Delta, and the San Luis & Delta Mendota Water Authority