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11-4022   Termination of Treated Water Supply Contract and Partial Exception from Water Connection Fees for the Arroyo Vista Development 
11-4023   Adoption of Zone 7's Labor Compliance Program
11-4024   2010 Cost Sharing Agreement for Invasive Mussel Inspection Program at Lake Del Valle
11-4025   Request by Director Quigley for Authorization to Attend the Elected Officials Conference
11-4026   Authorization to Negotiate and Execute Agreement for Supplemental Funding with the Department of Water Resources (DWR) for the Delta Habitat Conservation and Conveyance Program (DHCCP)
11-4027   Approving Plans, Specifications, Appendices, and Addenda and to Reject All Bids for the Monitoring Well Installation for the Hydrostratigraphic Investigation of Chain of Lakes, Project No. 208-11
11-4028   International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, Local 21-Represented Classifications Salaries
11-4029   Unrepresented Classifications Salaries

10-4020   Amendment No. 2 Agreement Between Zone 7 of the Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District and Byron Bethany Irrigation District
11-4016   Extension of Aquatic Pesticides Permit Monitoring Under JEPA
11-4017   Award of Construction Contract for the Parkside Buildings Roof Re-Cover Project No. 205-10
11-4018   Request by Director Dick Quigley for Authorization to Attend Upcoming Water/Energy Sustainability Summit and California Special District Association Annual Conference
11-4019   East Alameda County Conservation Strategy – Amendments to Funding Agreement and ICF Jones & Stokes Contract for Phases 2 and 3
11-4021   Designation of Mitigation on Zone 7 Owned Property by Others: Anticipated Partnership Agreement Regarding the City of Livermore's El Charro Specific Plan

10-4000   Professional Services Contract with DTN Engineers, Inc., for Electrical Engineering Support Services 
10-4001   Professional Services Contract with Psomas, Inc. for Drafting Support Services
10-4002   Approval for Quitclaim of Easement to the County of Alameda
10-4003   Request by Directors Palmer and Figuers for Authorization to Attend Conference on 'Sustainable Groundwater in Agriculture'
10-4004   Professional Services Contract with Kier & Wright Civil Engineers & Surveyors, Inc.
10-4005   Award and Approval of External Auditor Services Agreement
10-4006   Intent to Pursue Separation

10-3391   Declaration of May as Water Awareness Month and Continued Support for ACWA Conservations Principles
10-3392   Contract for Organizational Development Consulting Support Services
10-3393   Approval for Grant of Easements to the City of Livermore
10-3394   Process for Naming General Counsel for Zone 7
10-3395   Execution of a Service Contract with California Rangeland Trust for Land Management of the Walker Property Conservation Easement
10-3396   Amendment No. 5 to Contract with Meyers, Nave, Riback, Silver & Wilson to Provide Legal Services for Property Acquisition for the Chain of Lakes Well Nos. 1 and 2 Project
10-3397   Co-Sponsorship of Assembly Bill 2336
10-3398   Authorizing an Agreement with Urban Creeks Council to Facilitate the Verona Reach Stream Design on Behalf of the Friends of Verona Reach and in Conjunction with Zone 7's SMMP
10-3399   Boot Allowance