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09-3310   Request for Authorization to Nominate Quigley for Second Term as ACWA Region 5 Board Member 
09-3311   Award of Contract to C.E. Harris, Inc., DBA Harris Electric, for Annual Electrical Services for Water Supply Facilities, Project No. 197-09 
09-3312   Award of Contract to Bruce Balala Excavating for District-wide Embankment Slope Mowing Services
09-3313   Award of Contract to California Landscape Dimensions, Inc., Livermore, to Provide Annual Excavation and Hauling Services for Water Supply Facilities
09-3314   Consulting Contract with Telstar Instruments, Inc., for Instrumentation and Electrical Control Services for FY 2009/10
09-3315   Amendment No. 4 Contract with Karl Needham Enterprises Centrifuge Equipment Rental and Operation Services
09-3316   SCADA System Support Services Contracts with Wunderlich-Malec Engineering
09-3317   Award of Contract to SpotWater Management for Large Landscape Water Use Surveys
09-3318   Alameda Building and Construction Trades Council-Represented Classifications Salary Increase and Boot Allowance
09-3319   Public Employee Performance Evaluation Title: General Manager

09-3298   FY 2009/10 Consulting Services Contract with Kenneth R. Henneman, Water Resources Consultant
09-3299   FY 2009/10 Consulting Services Contract with Billy Ferguson, Civil Engineering Consultant
09-3300   FY 2009/10 Consulting Services Contract with Yan Kee Chan, Civil Engineering Consultant
09-3301   Professional Services Contract with Kier & Wright Civil Engineers & Surveyors, Inc., for Surveying Support Services
09-3302   Award of Contracts to Morrison & Associates for Public Outreach/Schools Support Services
09-3303   Award of Contracts to Davis & Associates for Publications/Website Support Services
09-3304   Authorization to Pay for Certain Agency Events
09-3305   Request to Amend Current Excavation and Hauling Services Contract with Joe Shaver Blackhoe Services for Changes in the Method of Handling Sludge at PPWTP
09-3306   Award of Contract to Redgwick Construction Company for Maintenance and Emergency Work for Water Supply Facilities
09-3307   Contract with DTN Engineers, Inc.
09-3308   Reimbursement of Professional Engineer License Fee and International Federation and Technical Engineers Salary Increase
09-3309   Salary Adjustments

09-3293   Amendment No. 1 to Interagency Grant Memorandum of Understanding for the Regional High–Efficiency Clothes Washer Rebate Program
09-3294   Water Awareness Month and Declaration of Support for ACWA Conservation Principles
09-3295   Award of Contract to California Generator Service for Emergency Generator Maintenance Services, Project No. 194-09
09-3296   Public Education and Assistance Pilot Program in Conjunction with the Urban Creeks Council's Streamside Management Program for Landowners
09-3297   Employee of the Month Recognition Program

09-3292   Amendments 1 and 2 to Agreement for Supply and Conveyance of Water Under the Dry Year Water Purchase Program