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11-4052   Annual Report of Development Fee Revenues and Expenditures for the Fiscal Year Ending in June 30, 2010
11-4053   Financial Audit for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2010
11-4054   Semitropic Point of Delivery Amendments to Extend Return Period
11-4055   Extension with The Gualco Group, Inc. to Provide Government Relations Services for Advocacy and Legislative Consulting
11-4056   Award of Contract for the Patterson Pass Water Treatment Plant Electrical Power System Upgrade Project
11-4057   Flood Protection and Storm Water Drainage Development Impact Fee Annual Adjustment
11-4058   Adoption of the 2010 Urban Water Management Plan, Including the Water Shortage Contingency Plan
11-4059   Partnership Agreement Between Zone 7 and City of Livermore for Flood Protection Improvements for the El Charro Specific Plan

11-4047   Renewal of the Department of Water Resources Municipal Water Quality Investigations Program Agreement 
11-4048   Request for Designation of ACWA Voting Delegate 
11-4049   Congratulations to Retiree – Keith J. Jackson 
11-4050   Extending the Professional Services Agreement with Lanlogic, Inc.
11-4051   Extension of Untreated Water Contracts and Reorganization of Untreated Water Program