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11-4033   Approve One Unfunded Position of Facilities Maintenance & Construction Supervisor Position
11-4034   Award of Contract for the Patterson Pass Water Treatment Plant Sodium Hypochlorite System Modifications Project – Project No. 208-12
11-4035    Power Purchase Agreement
11-4036   Adoption of the Delta Charge for 2011
11-4037   Adoption of the Treated Water Service Rate for 2011
11-4038   Adoption of the Recharge Fee Rate for 2011
11-4039   Adoption of the Temporary Treated Water Service Rate for 2011
11-4040   Adoption of the Treated Water Rate Schedule for Private Fire System and Standby Service for 2011
11-4041   Adoption of the In-Lieu Treated Water Rate for 2011
11-4042   Adoption of the Untreated Water Rate for 2011
11-4043   Adoption of the Temporary Untreated Water Rate for 2011
11-4044   Adoption of the Non-Scheduled Untreated Water Rate for 2011
11-4045   Adoption of the Surplus Untreated Water Rate for 2011
11-4046   Connection Fees for the Zone 7 and Dougherty Valley Service Areas Effective January 1, 2011


11-4030   Amendment No. 6 to Contract with Meyers, Nave, Riback, Silver & Wilson to Provide Legal Services for Property Acquisition for the Altamont Project and Appropriation of Funds for RY 2010/11

Consideration of Construction Contract Award for the Monitoring Well Installation for Hydrostratigraphic Investigation of Chain of Lakes, Project Number 208-11

11-4032   Executing a Contract with San Francisco Estuary Institute to Facilitate a Sediment Transport Study and Train Internal Staff on Sediment Survey Techniques


11-4022   Termination of Treated Water Supply Contract and Partial Exception from Water Connection Fees for the Arroyo Vista Development 
11-4023   Adoption of Zone 7's Labor Compliance Program
11-4024   2010 Cost Sharing Agreement for Invasive Mussel Inspection Program at Lake Del Valle
11-4025   Request by Director Quigley for Authorization to Attend the Elected Officials Conference
11-4026   Authorization to Negotiate and Execute Agreement for Supplemental Funding with the Department of Water Resources (DWR) for the Delta Habitat Conservation and Conveyance Program (DHCCP)
11-4027   Approving Plans, Specifications, Appendices, and Addenda and to Reject All Bids for the Monitoring Well Installation for the Hydrostratigraphic Investigation of Chain of Lakes, Project No. 208-11
11-4028   International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, Local 21-Represented Classifications Salaries
11-4029   Unrepresented Classifications Salaries

10-4020   Amendment No. 2 Agreement Between Zone 7 of the Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District and Byron Bethany Irrigation District
11-4016   Extension of Aquatic Pesticides Permit Monitoring Under JEPA
11-4017   Award of Construction Contract for the Parkside Buildings Roof Re-Cover Project No. 205-10
11-4018   Request by Director Dick Quigley for Authorization to Attend Upcoming Water/Energy Sustainability Summit and California Special District Association Annual Conference
11-4019   East Alameda County Conservation Strategy – Amendments to Funding Agreement and ICF Jones & Stokes Contract for Phases 2 and 3
11-4021   Designation of Mitigation on Zone 7 Owned Property by Others: Anticipated Partnership Agreement Regarding the City of Livermore's El Charro Specific Plan