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10-4000   Professional Services Contract with DTN Engineers, Inc., for Electrical Engineering Support Services 
10-4001   Professional Services Contract with Psomas, Inc. for Drafting Support Services
10-4002   Approval for Quitclaim of Easement to the County of Alameda
10-4003   Request by Directors Palmer and Figuers for Authorization to Attend Conference on 'Sustainable Groundwater in Agriculture'
10-4004   Professional Services Contract with Kier & Wright Civil Engineers & Surveyors, Inc.
10-4005   Award and Approval of External Auditor Services Agreement
10-4006   Intent to Pursue Separation

10-3391   Declaration of May as Water Awareness Month and Continued Support for ACWA Conservations Principles
10-3392   Contract for Organizational Development Consulting Support Services
10-3393   Approval for Grant of Easements to the City of Livermore
10-3394   Process for Naming General Counsel for Zone 7
10-3395   Execution of a Service Contract with California Rangeland Trust for Land Management of the Walker Property Conservation Easement
10-3396   Amendment No. 5 to Contract with Meyers, Nave, Riback, Silver & Wilson to Provide Legal Services for Property Acquisition for the Chain of Lakes Well Nos. 1 and 2 Project
10-3397   Co-Sponsorship of Assembly Bill 2336
10-3398   Authorizing an Agreement with Urban Creeks Council to Facilitate the Verona Reach Stream Design on Behalf of the Friends of Verona Reach and in Conjunction with Zone 7's SMMP
10-3399   Boot Allowance

10-3388   Accept and Record Grant of Easements
10-3389   Amendment 3 to Agreement for Supply and Conveyance of Water Under the Dry Year Water Purchase Program  
10-3390   New Salary Schedule for Maintenance Coordinator

10-3375   Refund of Water Connection Fee & Facility Use Fee: Windemere, BLC 
10-3376   Authorization to Pay for Miscellaneous Expenses for Board Meetings and Staff Events
10-3377   Congratulations to Retiree – Gerald L. Gates
10-3378   Congratulations to Retiree – James P. Horen
10-3379   Congratulations to Retiree – Barbara K. Morse
10-3380   Resolution for Consultant Contract Award for the Update to Zone 7's Asset Management Program
10-3381   Consideration of Construction Contract Award for the Patterson Pass Water Treatment Plant Clarifier Rehabilitation Project No. 201-10
10-3382   Increase Expenditure Authorization for Bay Delta Conservation Plan Consulting Services through February 2010
10-3383   Budgets and Designations for Fiscal Year 2010-11
10-3384   Budgets and Designations for Fiscal Year 2010-11
10-3385   Budgets and Designations for Fiscal Year 2010-11
10-3386   Professional Services Budget for Specialized Services for Fiscal Year 2010-11