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11-4060   Unrepresented Classifications Salaries  
11-4061   Participation in Studies Focused on the Restoration of Steelhead to Alameda Creek
11-4062   Out-Of-State Travel Expense Reimbursements to Attend the Southwest Membrane Operator Association (SWMOA) 2011 Annual Symposium
11-4063   Director Dick Quigley Attending the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) DC Conference
11-4064   Issuing a Rebate Incentive to Ruby Hill Golf Club for their 2008-2009 Irrigation Efficiency and Water Saving Efforts
11-4065   Congratulation to Retiree – Linda M. Vernon
11-4066   Approving First Amendment to Installment Sale Agreement and a First Amendment to Assignment Agreement; Making Certain Determinations Relating Thereto; and Authorizing Certain Other Actions in Connection Therewith

12-4152   Contract Approval for Continuation of Arroyo Mocho – Stanley Reach Project Design with ESA PWA
12-4153   Authorization to Negotiate and Execute a Contract with Cardno Entrix to Provide Specialized Technical Assistance Addressing Environmental Analysis
12-4154   Election of Three Zone 7 Board Members on June 5, 2012
12-4155   Grant Agreement with California State Coastal Conservancy and Contract with Urban Creeks Council for Stream Management Master Plan Update
12-4156   Refund of Water Connection Fees to KB Homes
12-4157   Salaries for all SEIU-Represented Classifications
No. 2012-01
  An Ordinance Amending Flood Protection and Storm Water Drainage Development Impact Fee Schedule

12-4158   Request for Out-of-State Travel to Attend Upcoming Association of California Water Agencies' DC Conference
12-4159   Approval of Grant Application for Mocho Groundwater Demineralization Plant Improvements
12-4160   Approval of Grant Deeds and Temporary Construction Easements on Portions of Tassajara Creek and Dublin Creek to the State of California for the I-580 HOV Lane Project
12-4161   Appendix of Designated Positions
12-4162   A Resolution Revising the Zone 7 Water Agency Board Policy on Conducting Business
12-4163   Transition Agreement Approval
12-4164   Unemployment Insurance
12-4165   State Disability Insurance
12-4166   Congratulations to Retiree – John D. Yue
12-4167   Congratulations to Retiree – Peter L. Cruttenden
12-4168   Resolution Approving and Adopting a Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Cope Lake Improvements & Maintenance Project; Adopting a Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program; and Approving the Project

12-4169   Public Entity Resolution
12-4170   Authorizing an Agreement with U.S. Bank for the State of California Purchasing Card Program (CAL-Card)
12-4171   Resolution to Authorize an Agreement with the Alameda County Employees' Retirement Association (ACERA) for 401 (h) Account
12-4172   Authorizing Award of Contract to the Gualco Group, Inc., for Government Relations Services
12-4173   Overlap Area Services Agreement Between ACWD and Zone 7
12-4174   Grant Easement to the City of Pleasanton for Stoneridge Bridge
12-4175   Accept and Record Easement From Continuing Life Communities Pleasanton LLC for Access Purposes on the Arroyo Mocho
12-4176   Accept and Record Easements from City of Pleasanton for Access Purposes on the Arroyo Mocho
12-4177   Authorizing Award of Contract for the Direct-Install Program to Southwest Environmental
12-4178   Establishing a Policy Framework for Records Retention and Management
12-4179   Authorization to Negotiate and Execute a Contract with Kennedy/Jenks Consultants to Provide Greenhouse Gas Analysis Services for the Bay Area Regional Desalination Project
12-4180   Award of Contract for the Patterson Pass Water Treatment Plant Sanitary Sewer Pipeline Project
12-4181   Approval of Amendment to Appendix A, Footnotes to Salary Schedules Contained in the Memorandum of Understanding with the Alameda County Building and Construction Trades Council, Adding Section 2.14 – Heavy Equipment Operator
12-4182   Unrepresented Classifications Salary Adjustments