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11-4112   Request by Director Quigley for Reimbursement Authorization for Attending the Off-Site ACWA Board Meeting to be Held in Chico, California
11-4113   Agreement with Bay Area Flood Protection Agencies Association (BAFPAA)
11-4114   Out-Of-State Travel Expense Reimbursements to Attend the California-Nevada Section – American Water Works Association (AWWA) 2011 Fall Conference in Reno, Nevada
11-4115   Agreement with Vulcan Materials Company to Discharge Groundwater into the Chain-of-Lakes
11-4116   Amendment 4 to Agreement for Dry Year Water Purchase Associated with Yuba Accord (A08-98-CAL)
11-4117   Authorization for Out-of-State Travel Expense Reimbursements to Attend the WaterSmart Innovation 2011 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada
11-4118   Congratulations to Retiree – Vincent F. Cirelli
11-4119   Resolution Authorizing Groundwater/Salt Management Plan Updates and Contract Amendment No. 1 to the Contract with Hydrometrics Water Resources, Inc.

11-4098   Approval of Appendix A, Footnotes to Salary Schedules Section 7.4 – Professional Engineer License Fee (Unrepresented)
11-4099   Approval of Appendix A, Footnotes to Salary Schedules Section 6.3 – Certificate Renewal (Maintenance Manager)
11-4100   Second Amendment to Contract Number A07-44-DUE

11-4097   Request by Director Quigley for Reimbursement Authorization for Attending ACWA Board Meeting
11-4101   ACWA Region Elections
11-4102   Approve One Unfunded Position of Senior Engineer/Geologist
11-4103   Approve One Unfunded Position of Associate Water Resources Planner
11-4104   Approval of Grant of Easement and Quitclaim Deed to DSRSD
11-4105   Approval of License Agreement with DSRSD
11-4106   Consultant Selection for Design Services to Facilitate Improvements and Seek Grant Funding for Arroyo Mocho – Stanley Reach
11-4107   Extending Contract to Provide Part-Time General Counsel Legal Services
11-4109   Congratulations to Retiree – Jeanne A. France
11-4110   Congratulations to Retiree – Suzanne H. Alaksa
11-4111   Resolution Awarding Contract for the Santa Rita Pipeline Relocation Project No. 212-11

11-4083   Request for Authorization to Nominate Director Quigley for Another Term as ACWA Region 5 Board Member 
11-4085   Award of Contract to Morrison & Associates for Public Outreach, Schools, and Regional/Local Agency Coordination Support Services; and to Davis & Associates for Publications/Website Support Services 
11-4086   Communications Support Services Contract with Davis & Associates Communications for FY 2010-11
11-4087   Authorization for Out-Of-State Travel Expense Reimbursement to Attend the GFOA Accounting Academy in Chicago, Illinois
11-4088   Consulting Services Contract with Mr. Kenneth R. Henneman 
11-4089   Arroyo Mocho Mitigation Project
11-4090   Approval for Deed Restriction for Alameda County Surplus Property Authority
11-4091   East Alameda County Conservation Strategy – Final Draft
11-4092   Resolution for Acceptance of Asset Management Plan Update 
11-4093   Resolution for Award of Electrical Engineering Support Services Contract
11-4094   Resolution for Award of Surveying Support Services Contract
11-4095   Accept and Record Grant of Easement
11-4096   Authorizing Director Palmer to Attend ACWA's 2011 Regulatory Summit