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Full Agenda

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6. Minutes:

7. Consent Calendar

  1. Professional Services Contract for Landfill Disposal Services
  2. Accept Easement for Relocated Section of Hopyard Pipeline and Quitclaim of Existing Abandoned Easement
  3. Amendment to Contract with Liebert Cassidy Whitmore for Human Resources and Labor-Related Legal Services
  4. Contract Amendment for Design and Construction Support Services for Chain of Lakes Well No. 1 Facility Stabilization Project
  5. Authorize Contingency for Phase 1 Flood Channel Rehabilitation Construction Contract
  6. "Out-of-State" Travel Request for WaterSmart Innovations 2018 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada
  7. Consider Changing Date of Regular November Board Meeting Due to Thanksgiving Holiday

8. Staffing Update

  1. Employee of the Month

9. Wholesale Water Rate Study

10. IS/MND CEQA Compliance for Patterson Pass Water Treatment Plant Upgrades and Ozonation Project

11. Agreement in Principle for Amending SWP Water Supply Contract with the California Department of Water Resources for Water Management and Cost Allocation

14. Staff Reports (Information items. No action will be taken.)

  1. General Manager's Report
  2. Legislative Update
  3. August Outreach Activities
  4. California WaterFix Quarterly Update Report
  5. Water Inventory and Water Budget Update