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climate-regstrdZone 7 has been granted "Climate Registered" status for its proactive steps in helping to address global climate change.

The Agency's greenhouse gas emissions inventory for 2010 through 2012 has been certified by the Climate Registry, a nonprofit public-private partnership that serves as a registry throughout North America to protect, encourage and promote early actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Zone 7 achieved the status by successfully calculating its carbon footprint according to The Climate Registry's strict guidelines and hiring a third party to verify that the report met standards. The data is available on The Registry's website, It's a step toward managing carbon emissions even though the Agency is not required to report this data.

Zone 7 continuously seeks cleaner and cheaper sources of energy at its water treatment plants and in groundwater pumping, such as the Del Valle Solar Power Array and participation in the Power and Water Resources Pooling Authority (PWRPA). To learn more about steps toward energy efficiency, click here.

Zone 7, which purchases most of its water supplies from the State Water Project, is also supporting state investments in measures to stabilize future energy costs connected with SWP water operations, and in long-term energy sources that contribute less to global climate change.

Zone 7 has been reporting its greenhouse gas emissions inventory for many years now. In 2007, the  Agency was granted Climate Action Leader status by the California Climate Action Registry, but is now nationally recognized.

A state law signed in 2006 by then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger establishes mandatory reporting of greenhouse emissions for "significant" sources starting in 2012, and sets goals to reduce emissions to 1990 levels by the year 2020. Although reporting is not mandatory for Zone 7 because of its relatively small size, the Agency's desire to do its part to address climate change prompted its membership in the CA Climate Registry which later transitioned to The Climate Registry. 

View these reports:

  • "Global Climate Change and its Potential Impact on Zone 7's Water Supply Reliability" (2006), click here
  • "Climate Change and Urban Water Resources," California Urban Water Agencies, 2007, click here.


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