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Full Agenda

Links to items for which there are written reports:

6. Minutes of the Special Board Meeting of February 17, 2017 and Regular Board Meeting of March 15, 2017

7. Consent Calendar:

  1. Memorandum of Understanding to Delegate Groundwater Sustainability Agency Authority to Byron-Bethany Irrigation District
  2. Amendment to Water Supply Contract with DWR to Incorporate Increased Flow Capacity due to South Bay Aqueduct Enlargement
  3. 2017 Annual Review of Sustainable Water Supply for Zone 7 Water Agency
  4. EPA Water Quality Improvement Fund Grant Application Authorization
  5. Board Resolutions for the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund

8. Staffing Update

  1. Employee of the Month Recognition
  2. Congratulations to Retiree Caroline Abram
  3. Congratulations to Retiree Larry Akinsiku
  4. Congratulations to Retiree Keith Braaten
  5. Congratulations to Retiree Gerald DeWitt
  6. Congratulations to Retiree Diana Gaines
  7. Congratulations to Retiree Wyman Hong
  8. Congratulations to Retiree Kevin Hulme

9. Lake Del Valle Storage Expansion Study

10. Award of Contract to Morrison & Associates, Inc. for Professional Services for Outreach Support, including the Schools Program

11. First Reading of Proposed Sustainable Groundwater Management Ordinance

12. Proposed Authority to Withdraw Money from the County Treasury

13. Authorization for Banking/Depository Services, Custodial Services, Investment Management Services and Designating Financial Signature

14. Investment Policy

15. Consider Action to Increase the Compensation of Zone 7 Board Members

16. Water Resources Committee Meeting, April 11, 2017 – notes

19. Staff Reports (Information items. No action will be taken.)

  1. General Manager's Report
  2. Legislative Update
  3. Outreach Activities
  4. Water Inventory and Demand Update (March)
  5. Updates on Water Supply Projects
  6. Update on Zone 7 Vehicle Fleet