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14-4274   Resolution of Support for Director Quigley to Serve on ACWA Region 5 Board
14-4275   Commercial Septic System, Cedar Mountain Winery
14-4276   First Amendment to Buffer Zone License Agreement with Pleasanton
14-4277   License Agreement for Mohr Avenue Storm Drain
14-4278   Agreement with Vulcan Materials Company to Extend a Discharge Pipeline into Cope Lake
14-4279   Award of Contract for PWRPA/Zone 7 - PPWTP Electrical Facilities Installation
14-4280   Agreement with Alameda County Public Works Agency for Flood Control Maintenance and Emergency Services
14-4281   Construction Contract and Construction Management Services Contract for the Del Valle Water Treatment Plant Superpulsator Rehabilitation Project
14-4282   Watershed Protection
14-4283   Living Arroyos Program
14-4284   Alameda County Building and Construction Trades Council-represented Classifications Salary Increase
14-4285   Authorizing the General Manager to Execute a Side Letter of Agreement