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14-4311   A Resolution Revising the Zone 7 Water Agency Strategic Planning Priorities
14-4312   Lease Agreement with the City of Livermore for Solar Panel and Antenna for Cal Water Turnout No. 7
14-4313   License Agreement with DSRSD for Landscaping Along Line G-1-1 Channel
14-4314   Proclaiming the Week of November 4-9, 2013 to be California Flood Preparedness Week
14-4315   Principles of Understanding with Contra Costa County
14-4316   Connection Fees for the Zone 7 and Dougherty Valley Service Areas Effective January 1, 2014
14-4318   Award of Environmental Compliance and Planning Services Contract
14-4319   Award of Contract for the DVWTP Caustic Soda Storage Tank Relining Project
14-4320   Amendment to Appendix A, Footnotes to Salary Schedules Section 4.13 – Multiple Divisions (Assistant General Manager, Finance or Personnel)