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11-4133   Consenting to Enter the Joint Protection Programs of the Association of California Water Agencies/Joint Powers Insurance Authority
11-4134   Authorizing Application to the Director of Industrial Relations, State of California for a Certificate of Consent to Self Insure Workers' Compensation Liabilities
11-4135   Establishing Classified Service System
11-4136   Joint Funding Agreement with USGS for Stream Gage Improvements, Operations and Maintenance
11-4137   Pursuing Separation from Alameda County
11-4138   Designating Zone 7's Voting Member for ACWA's Officer Elections
11-4139   Contract Amendment Extending the Professional Services Agreement with Lanlogic Inc.
11-4140   Authorizing a New Financial Software Agreement
11-4141   Western Area Power Administration and Power and Water Resources Pooling Authority Agreements
11-4142   Rules and Regulations Governing Untreated Water Service
11-4143   Authorizing Voluntary Resignation Program