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11-4022   Termination of Treated Water Supply Contract and Partial Exception from Water Connection Fees for the Arroyo Vista Development 
11-4023   Adoption of Zone 7's Labor Compliance Program
11-4024   2010 Cost Sharing Agreement for Invasive Mussel Inspection Program at Lake Del Valle
11-4025   Request by Director Quigley for Authorization to Attend the Elected Officials Conference
11-4026   Authorization to Negotiate and Execute Agreement for Supplemental Funding with the Department of Water Resources (DWR) for the Delta Habitat Conservation and Conveyance Program (DHCCP)
11-4027   Approving Plans, Specifications, Appendices, and Addenda and to Reject All Bids for the Monitoring Well Installation for the Hydrostratigraphic Investigation of Chain of Lakes, Project No. 208-11
11-4028   International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, Local 21-Represented Classifications Salaries
11-4029   Unrepresented Classifications Salaries