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09-3279   Salary Increase for all SEIU-Represented Classifications
09-3280   Salary Adjustments
09-3281   Contract with Meyers Nave Riback Silver and Wilson
09-3282   Contribution to the 2009 California Awareness Campaign
09-3283   Sponsorship of Water and Flood Protection Related Events/Efforts
09-3284   Approval for Grant of Easement to Bart
09-3285   Contract with Morrison & Associates, Inc.
09-3286   Personnel Action: Construction Maintenance Laborers
09-3287   Personnel Action: Electrician
09-3288   Personnel Action: Instrument Technicians
09-3289   Accept and Record Grant Deed
09-3290   Use and Maintenance Agreement with the City of Livermore
09-3291   Amendment No. 1 to License Agreement with the City of Livermore