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10-3360   Refunding Previously Paid Drainage Fees to Wente Bros.
10-3361   Accept and Record Grant of Easement
10-3362   Contract Award for the Patterson Pass Water Treatment Plant Electrical Power System Upgrade Project
10-3363   Contract Extension with the Gualco Group, Inc.
10-3364   Accepting the Independent Auditor's Report, Basic Financial Statements and Supplementary Information for the Fiscal Year Ending in June 30, 2009
10-3365   Executing an Agreement with PG&E for the Implementation of the 2010 Calendar Year of the Regional High-Efficiency Washing Machine Rebate Program
10-3366   Director Quigley and Ms. Duerig's Reimbursement for Attending the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) DC Conference
10-3367   Authorizing the General Manager to Draw from the Installment Sale Agreement When Needed
10-3368   Authorizing Voluntary Resignation Program