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17-59   Authorizing General Manager to Cast Zone 7's Vote
17-60    Authorization for Director Quigley to Attend the Annual CSDA Conference 
17-61   Board Room A/V Equipment and Installation Services 
17-62   Collaborating Partnership with Imagine H2O
17-63   Revising the Zone 7 Water Agency Strategic Planning Priorities 
17-64   Joint Community Facilities Agreement Between Zone 7, City of Dublin, and Dublin Crossing, LLC
17-65   Agreement with Vulcan Materials Company to Share Costs to Extend a Second Pipeline, Repair Slopes, and Install Drainage at Cope Lake 
17-66   Establishing Program for Administrative Support of Private Flood/Erosion Projects 
17-67   New Classification and Salary Schedule for Retired Annuitant
17-68   Award of Construction Contract for the DVWTP Clearwell Recoating Project
(Project No. 262-17)
17-69   Coating Inspection Professional Services Contract for the DVWTP Clearwell Recoating Project 
17-70   Amend Fanfa, Inc. Contract for Completion of Emergency Bank Stabilization
17-71   Amendment to FlowWest Contract for Emergency Bank Stabilization