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17-76   Proclaiming Participation in the California Flood Preparedness Week
17-77   Telephone Equipment and Installation Services
17-78   Authorization to Accept and Appropriate EPA WQIF Grant Funding
17-79   Water Transfer Agreement with River Garden Farms Company
17-80   Resolution Adopting the Mitigated Negative Declaration for the "DVWTP Ozonation Project" and the Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program
17-81   2017 Asset Management Plan Long-Term Funding Forecast Update and FY 2018/19 Ten-Year Water System Capital Improvement Plan
17-82   Sunset of the CY 2017 Temporary Surcharge
17-83   Adoption of the Untreated Water Rates for 2018
17-84   2018 Municipal and Industrial (M&I) Connection Fees
17-85   Authorizing the Execution and Delivery of a Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement by and between the Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, Zone 7 and the California Statewide Communities Development Authority