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Water-Efficient Lawn Conversion Rebates


Zone 7 has revised its Water Efficient Lawn Conversion rebate program, effective April 16, 2014. The rebate for a single-family residence has been increased to a maximum $750 (based on square footage converted), and the rebate for a non-residential property or multi-family property has been increased to a maximum $4,500.

The rebate has been broken up into two phases:

  • 40 percent of the rebate amount will be paid up front for lawn removal, conversion of the sprinkler system to drip irrigation, and replacement with sheet mulching or permeable material.
  • Drought-tolerant plantings will be deferred until Zone 7 authorizes when planting can begin; no plants purchased before that date will be eligible for rebate (since new drought-tolerant plants require water to get established). Therefore, the remaining 60 percent of the rebate amount will be available only after authorized plantings have been completed.

All other program requirements remain in effect. Revised applications reflecting the changes being made are under development and will be posted to the website soon. For more information, call 925-454-5065. 

Please periodically check back in with Zone 7 conservation for updates.