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Last day submit the rebate application is now April 30, 2020.

Plant pick up date is May 15, 2020.

Zone 7 and your participating water utilities are offering a $50 rebate to transform your front yard. This NEW "Garden by Number Program" is a do-it-yourself rebate program that will provide themed prepackaged ready-made garden boxes. Each box will include a plant-by-number map to layout the design, an instruction sheet and care guide, information on watering and caring for the plants, plant identification cards, and 15 to 30 healthy starter plants in 4-inch and 1-gallon pots that will cover an area ranging up to 100 square feet. There are four designs to choose from.

Participants must complete the application and submit it to Once the application is approved, Zone 7 will email the customer an approval code to take to the customer's pre-selected nursery. A deposit is required. You can find more information in the Garden by Number brochure. The plant pick up date is May 15, 2020.

To apply, fill out and submit the Garden by Number Application.

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Garden Layout and Plant Information

Polinator Garden

Bring the birds and the butterflies back to your garden by transforming a piece of your lawn into this pollinator oasis. These long-blooming perennials will add lots of color and food for these beneficial birds and insects.

Succulent Garden

Summer dry gardens can be sharp and fabulous even without the thorns. This garden uses several varieties of succulent-type plants that have long season blooms and year-round interest. 

Year-Round Color Shade Garden

This plan adds a colorful spot in the shade of a tree or building. Taking advantage of the textures as well as the color of the foliage and blooms, this garden will add a bright spot in the darker parts of your yard. 

Year-Round Color Sun Garden

This evergreen garden has something of interest all year. From foliage form and long-blooming perennials and shrubs, this garden is sure to be a bright replacement for any piece of lawn.


Planting and Irrigation Instructions


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