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floodgate.jpgHolding the Line on Water Rates

Zone 7's Board of Directors opted for no increase in wholesale treated water rates for 2013, and to limit an increase in 2014 to the current inflation rate of 2.65 percent (approximately $1.04 a month per household assuming the increase is fully passed on by water retailers serving Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin and Dougherty Valley).

  • To view the October 17, 2012 staff report that went to the Board, click here.

The 2013 rate for untreated water was increased from $92 per acre-foot to $110 per acre-foot; untreated water rates did not increase in 2014.

  • To view the 2012 staff report that went to the board, click here.

How does Zone 7 Impact Your Water Rates?

More than 80 percent of Zone 7's water supply starts as Sierra snowmelt and is imported to the Valley from the State Water Project using the Delta and South Bay Aqueduct for conveyance. Zone 7 either stores it in the local groundwater basin for later use, or treats the water for delivery to your local water retailer as drinking water. In turn, your retailer -- the City of Pleasanton, the City of Livermore, Dublin San Ramon Services District or the California Water Service Company -- delivers the water to you, factoring in its own cost of service before sending you the final bill.

Rates for untreated water are based on the cost of acquiring the untreated water, Bay-Delta related costs and an adminsitrative fee based on staff costs.