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Arroyo Mocho Stanley Reach Stabilization Project

Arroyo Mocho Medeiros Reach Floodplain Reconnection Project

Patterson Pass Water Treatment Plant Ugrades and Ozonation Project

Del Valle Water Treatment Plant Ozonation Project

Stream Maintenance - Priority Projects 2016

Arroyo Mocho Stanley Reach Riparian Restoration & Channel Enhancement Pilot Project 

Cope Lake Improvements and Maintenance

Patterson Pass Water Treatment Plant Sanitary Sewer Pipeline

Solar Photovoltaic Project DVWTP

Arroyo Las Positas Weir Replacement

PPWTP Ammonia Facility Replacement Project

State Dept. of Water Resources' South Bay Aqueduct Improvement & Enlargement Projectaqueduct.jpg 

Mocho Groundwater Demineralization Plant

 Stream Management Master Plan

Well Master Plan

Altamont Water Treatment Plant & Pipeline Project