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lake_del_valle.jpgDel Valle Reservoir is used by the State Water Project to store imported water for Zone 7, the Alameda County Water District (serving the Fremont area) and the Santa Clara Valley Water District. In addition, Zone 7 uses a small portion of Del Valle Reservoir capacity to store rain runoff from our local watershed. As with imported water, some of this water is treated and delivered for municipal use and some is used to recharge the local groundwater basin.

The reservoir was completed in 1968, along with Bethany Reservoir, as part of the State Water Project. It was built as a storage facility for the South Bay Aqueduct, but also for flood protection and for recreation. For information on the multiple uses of the reservoir, follow the links below.

The Dam:

  • Structural Height: 235 feet
  • Crest Elevation: 773 feet
  • Crest Length: 880 feet
  • Volume: 4.15 million cubic yards of earth fill

The Reservoir:

  • Storage Capacity: 77,100 acre-feet
  • Normal Storage: 25,000 to 40,000 acre-feet
  • Surface area: 708 acres
  • Shore Line: 16 miles
  • Length: 5 miles
  • Maximum Depth: 153 feet
  • Surrounding Land: Del Valle Regional Park

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