Flood Protection


Zone 7 proactively manages a 37-mile network of streams and flood channels that protect the Tri-Valley community should storms strike.

This is achieved with a combination of carefully engineered stream management practices and community outreach to engage residents in the care of our watershed.

With the ongoing implementation of our Flood Protection Program, we are developing a more integrated approach to channel stormwater more effectively. The long term vision replaces the largely engineered arroyo system with a porous Chain of Lakes allowing us to detain stormwater for other beneficial uses along with other conceptual projects to continuously improve our level of preparedness and resiliency.

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Flood Management Plan

Zone 7’s Flood Management Plan (FMP) is being completed through two phases with the goal of optimizing flood management across the entirety of the Zone 7 flood protection system. 

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Are you Flood Ready?

Not sure what to put in your emergency kit? Need help making sure your sandbags are placed properly? Wondering why you have to bag your leaves if they are biodegradable? Here you can find the resources to help you answer these questions—and more!

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