Our Water & Services

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Water Quality

Zone 7 provides high-quality treated drinking water to four water retailers serving over a quarter million residents and businesses. Our water is delivered to the City of Livermore, City of Pleasanton, Dublin-San Ramon Services District and the California Water Service Company, along with some direct customers. Our water performs better than most state and federal health standards, which is why we have created our own more stringent internal water quality targets.

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Water Reliability

Water reliability is the backbone of Zone 7’s relationship with the Tri Valley community. We are the trusted conveyor of surface water for the region from the State Water Project, and the chosen guardian of our groundwater basin — roles we do not take lightly. We have a responsibility to our region not only to supply today’s residents with reliable water — but also to make sure future generations have that same level of trust in Zone 7.

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Flood Protection

Zone 7 proactively manages a 37-mile network of streams and flood channels that protect the Tri Valley community should storms strike. Dedicated stream and flood channel management, along with community outreach to engage residents in both the care of our watershed and their own flood preparedness efforts, ensure the entire area remains as safe as possible during flood events.

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Groundwater Management

Roughly 20 percent of Zone 7’s water supply is available from water that exists below your feet in what’s called a groundwater basin. We are fortunate that sands and gravels deposited millennia ago in our valley provide space between the rock particles for water molecules to sit. If you’ve ever seen water disappear into the soil, you have witnessed groundwater recharge.

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Environmental Care

Zone 7 delivers services with sensitivity and care to our environmental resources. We are the designated protectors of our watershed and proactively find ways to prevent pollution. The agency took on a leadership role in creating the East Alameda County Conservation Strategy. We work to enhance fisheries to protect threatened species, and host habit conservation events in partnership with community volunteers.