Projects & Reports

Keeping our community up to date


At Zone 7 we are committed to transparency and providing our community with timely and relevant information that helps them understand our water quality, water reliability and flood protection processes. We keep our community up-to-date with a variety of reports, study results and sampling data—all made available on a regular basis for easy accessibility by the public.


Capital Project Updates

Zone 7’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is strategically planned to support the Agency’s long-term water quality, reliability and flood protection goals. The plan includes asset management, infrastructure investment and major construction projects.

Find updates on our major capital projects in this section and follow along as we report on major milestones in these important investments in our community’s future.


Reports & Planning Documents

As part of our commitment to transparency, we make it easy for residents of the Tri-Valley to access information about our water. This includes all required reports to meet state and federal guidelines, and additional reports, data, study results, presentations and other documents we make available for complete transparency.

This is your water agency. If you don’t see a document you are looking for, please feel free to submit a public records request to our Executive Assistant Donna Fabian.


Environmental Review Documents

At Zone 7, we are fully committed to delivering our services with sensitivity to our environment, which means we take the environmental impact review process seriously. An environmental review is an evaluation a project and its potential environmental impacts to determine whether it meets local, state and federal environmental standards.

Some Zone 7 projects require an environmental review process to ensure the proposed project does not negatively impact the surrounding environment and the site will not have an adverse environmental or health effect.