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We are committed to providing a high level of service at a reasonable price through responsible and strategic fiscal practice. We take a financially responsible, proactive approach to protecting our water system infrastructure. We proactively replace and upgrade equipment, as needed, to prevent system breakdowns and service disruptions and minimize even bigger potential costs in the future. We count on our collaborative business partners to help us with that process.

This may include the businesses we serve, our investors, and the contractors with whom we work.

We are transparent about how we select the partners and contractors that assist us in maintaining our exceptional levels of service. We post all open requests for proposals (RFPs) to invite qualified contractors and businesses to submit their proposals to work with us.

Additionally, we post all of our fees and permit applications online for accessibility and transparency, and our latest financial reports are available to the public for the current and previous years. We also share recent Fitch and S&P Global ratings reports.

Water Academy Rewards

Construction and Business Resources

Zone 7 collaborates with many businesses and contractors to best serve our customers and partner agencies. Current requests for proposals (RFPs) can be found here. We look forward to working with you to continue our mission of providing excellent water and flood protection services throughout the Tri-Valley area.

Water Academy Rewards

Permits & Fees

Updated rate sheets, permit applications and other helpful resources are available in this section to facilitate the ease of working within our service areas.

Find everything from our connection fee rates to flood protection ordinances, and from encroachment permits to development impact fees. Zone 7 is committed to sharing current information and policies for our business and partner community in an easy to navigate, accessible format.



In 2018, Zone 7 issued bonds to help fund upgrades at the Del Valle Water Treatment Plant, including the addition of ozone treatment now in operation to improve the efficiency, safety, taste and odor of our water treatment services. Our sound financial practices and commitment to fiscal responsibility make Zone 7 a smart investment for our bond holders.