Resources & Rebates


Water reliability is the backbone of Zone 7’s relationship with the Tri-Valley community. We are the trusted conveyor of surface water for the region from the State Water Project, and the chosen guardian of our groundwater basin – roles we do not take lightly. We have a responsibility to our region not only to supply today’s residents with reliable water — but also to make sure future generations have that same level of trust in Zone 7.

But we can’t do it alone. We need our community’s help, especially during drought years. We believe that proactive and practical tools are the best way we can work together to protect our water ecosystem. In cooperation with our water agency partners, we provide a number of resources and rebates to empower our customers in their own water conservation efforts. 

Water Academy Rewards

Rebate Programs

Save Water, Save Dollars!

We offer rebates to make it even easier to use water conscious practices at home. We encourage you to use us as resource for all active rebate offers.

Water Academy Rewards

Water Wise Wendy

We need our community’s help during the drought to save water! Not sure where to start when it comes to saving water? Wondering if little changes actually make a big difference? Well, not to worry – Water Wise Wendy is here to guide us all from water-wasting to water-wizard in no time! With help from her friends at Zone 7, Water Wise Wendy provides tips and tricks for saving water inside your home and outside in your yard, all year round.