Bond Investors

In 2018, Zone 7 issued bonds to help fund upgrades at the Del Valle Water Treatment Plant, including the addition of ozone treatment now in operation to improve the efficiency, safety, taste and odor of our water treatment services. Our sound financial practices and commitment to fiscal responsibility make Zone 7 a smart investment for our bond holders. We provide annual financial statements and continuing disclosures in this section, in compliance with all bond issuance regulations, and as part of our commitment to transparency.

The reports below, combined with the information provided in our bi-annual budget, financial documents and water rates sections, give our bond investors a complete financial picture of the agency and the confidence they need to rest assured their investment is secure.

Financial and Ratings Reports

The following reports were submitted during the current or previous fiscal year. Please note that information included in any reports is current only as of the date it was published. Also, the availability of a report on this website does not mean that changes have not been made. For example, portions of the obligations may have been refunded and are no longer outstanding, or information may be out of date. Updates may be published under various circumstances, particularly for variable rate debt.

Additional information may be found on the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board’s Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) website. Searching by CUSIP number is the easiest way to find information on the EMMA website. The base CUSIP number(s) for the Agency’s debt are:

  • Livermore Valley Water Financing Authority Water Revenue Bonds, 2018 Series A – 53833P

Official Statements

Ratings Reports

Our credit ratings reports are issued by third party credit rating agencies and reflect Zone 7’s credit worthiness as a debt issuer. In 2020, Fitch Ratings, one of the largest American credit rating agencies and one of three nationally recognized statistical rating organizations designated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in 1975, upgraded Zone 7’s bond rating from AA to AA+. In June 2021, Fitch Ratings affirmed Zone 7’s bond rating of AA+. This rating upgrade means Zone 7 has a very high credit quality based on the following factors:

  • financial leadership
  • rate component of the water rate structure
  • reserves to weather the current economic downturn
  • levels of capital investment to maintain the Agency’s infrastructure
  • balance of stored groundwater and banked water to deal with SWP and hydrology variability
  • to expanding water supply through investment in water supply and reliability projects

You can read our full ratings reports here:

Other Important Financial Information