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Lessons are aligned with the Next Generation Sciences Standards for TK-12 content, created and taught by certified educators. Funded by Zone 7 and supported by its Board of Directors, the program invests in youth water system education and appreciation.

Students of all ages, from transitional kindergarten through high school, learn about the vital role water plays in our community, economy and environment, teaching them to become water champions.

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The Zone 7 Water Academy program provides teachers with rewards as a token of our appreciation for helping us build a new generation of water champions.

Earn points for participating in the Water Academy including hosting lessons, providing referrals, and more. Use the same email address to submit reward program forms and our program will keep track of your level and send you incentives. Gift cards will be sent electronically and can be your choice of Amazon, Target, or Starbucks. 

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Water Academy Rewards
Smiling child holding holding a potted plant in a garden

First Grade

Conservation Concepts

In this lesson, students will review where water is on the Earth and how it moves. 

Water Academy Rewards
Child happily participating in watershed lesson

Second Grade

Creek & Stream

In this lesson students will learn what a watershed is and get to know the Upper Alameda Creek Watershed.

Water Academy Rewards
Third Graders participating in watershed activities

Third Grade

What's Water Got to do With It?

In this lesson students will learn some of the history of our watershed and how water affected it. 

Water Academy Rewards
Fourth Graders learning about water in a classroom

Fourth Grade

California and the Race for Liquid Gold

Follow this lesson to learn about the history of water use in California. 

Water Academy Rewards
Two students working together in a classroom during a water activity

Fifth Grade

Life as a Water Molecule

It’s time to be turned into a water molecule! Students know what the water cycle is, now they take a deep dive into the hydrologic cycle.

Water Academy Rewards

Middle School – Water Treatment

Getting it Clean!

In this lesson, middle school students review the chemical makeup of water then dive into learning where the water we drink comes from and why and how it is cleaned.