Fourth Grade

California and the Race for Liquid Gold


Follow this lesson to learn about the history of water use in California. Water is our most precious resource, everybody and everything needs it, but nature doesn’t distribute it evenly throughout the state; so, what did people do about it? Through watching a presentation, and interacting with a Project WET activity, students will be able to answer that question and fill out a worksheet to show what they have learned!

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To complete the Zone 7 lesson be sure to do all of the following:

  1. Fill out the Grade 4 Worksheet. You can fill it out right on this web page. Work on it while you watch the presentation (step 2) and while you do the Project WET activity (step 4). When you have answered all the questions press submit. The results of your quiz will be turned in to your teacher by a teacher from Zone 7 Water Agency.

  2. Watch the California and the Race for Liquid Gold presentation.

  3. Watch the video explaining how to use the Project WET Water Users activity.

  4. Press play then press “Water User Activity” (on the right-hand side) and follow Isabella throughout her day to find out all the ways she uses water.

Note: All activities are embedded on this page, your personal information is not taken except your first name.


1. Grade 4 Worksheet

Find answers to the questions in Steps 2 and 4 of this lesson.

Don’t forget to press submit when you are done!