Water Matters


What are the “three states of matter” and why is it so important that water can change? Find out throughout this lesson. Students are encouraged to play with water, stretch through the water cycle, listen to a dynamic story, and complete both an activity online and a puzzle/coloring sheet.

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To complete the Zone 7 lesson be sure to do the following:

  1. Watch the Welcome Video to be introduced to water on the Earth and the three states of matter.

  2. Show what you have learned by doing the Drag and Drop Activity. Click on the blue button. When the next screen opens, click on “make a copy.” Complete the activity by clicking the middle of each picture and dragging it to the correct row. When you are done, change the title of the document (in the upper left hand corner) to your name and share it with your teacher.

  3. Stretch along with Ms. Riley and her helpers as you go through the water cycle, changing through the three states of matter.

  4. Get comfy and listen to Ms. Riley tell the story of Peter and his friend, Willy the Water Droplet.

  5. Practice what you have learned by clicking on the blue button that says “Link to worksheet” and print the two page activity. When you are finished, turn it in to your teacher.


1. Welcome Video

Start the lesson off by watching this fun video all about the three states of matter!


2. Drag and Drop Activity

The Three States of Matter

Click the button below and press “make a copy.” When you’re done, put your name in the title and press the “share” button on the right to email it to your teacher.

Hint: you might need to widen your viewing screen to see all the words.

Screenshot of Match the Matter Activity

View the Drag and Drop Activity


Bonus Materials

Project WET Blue Planet Activity

Play the Project WET Blue Planet Activity to see how much of the Earth’s surface is covered in water and how much is land.

Directions: Press on the play button below, then click on the sign that says “Blue Planet Activity” on the right side of the screen. Then follow the directions on the screen.

Play on the Discover Water website at:


Find out how much water is inside you with this activity from Groundwater Foundation.