Third Grade

What's Water Got to do with It?


In this lesson students will learn some of the history of our watershed and how water affected it. They will use the interactive timeline to fill in the scavenger hunt and learn about the Upper Alameda Creek Watershed. From the Ohlone natives to the 220,000 people who live here now, the availability of water has shaped the history of this place we call home.

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Child participating in an outdoor watershed activity

To complete the Zone 7 lesson be sure to do all of the following:

  1. Watch the Instructions video.

  2. Click the link to 3rd Grade Scavenger Hunt (the blue button) and work alongside the timeline. When you are done add your name to the title and share with your teacher. (If necessary, print the Timeline Scavenger Hunt to fill out on paper.)

  3. Use the Interactive Timeline of the Upper Alameda Creek Watershed (link found on this page [another blue button]) to answer all of the questions on the Scavenger Hunt. You can click on the arrow at the bottom of the presentation, or click directly on a date. [Follow the hints given on the worksheet.] Turn in your completed Scavenger Hunt to your teacher by adding your name to the title and sharing it.

  4. Fill out the Student Evaluation Form right here on this page. Be sure to press submit at the bottom of the form.

Bonus Material: Match the pictures with the facts. When you are done, take a screen shot and send it to your teacher.


2. Third Grade Scavenger Hunt

Click on the button below and make a copy to work along with the presentation video on the two page worksheet. When you are finished with both pages, click the “share” button to email it to your teacher. (If necessary, print the Timeline Scavenger Hunt to fill out on paper.)

Third Grade Scavenger Hunt


4. Student Evaluation Form

Take a moment to fill out this form so that your teacher knows you have finished the Zone 7 lesson.

Please don’t forget TO press submit when you are done.