Middle School – Water Treatment

Getting it Clean!


In this lesson, middle school students review the chemical makeup of water then dive into learning where the water we drink comes from and why and how it is cleaned. Armed with new vocabulary, students unscramble the terms of water treatment before they gather a few materials and work through the engineering process to design and build their own filter!

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To complete the Zone 7 lesson be sure to do all of the following:

  1. Watch the first video embedded below.

  2. Learn about the steps of classic water treatment in the second video.

  3. Solidify the vocabulary you learned in the videos by completing the treatment vocabulary word scramble right here.

  4. Put your engineering skills to work by creating your own filter. Watch the instruction video, build a filter, then complete the worksheet with your observations. 


3. Word Scramble Puzzle

Complete the word scramble with treatment vocabulary words used in this lesson. When you are done, take a screen shot and send it to your teacher. [Please be patient, it might take a minute to load.]

Hints: the color background will let you know if you have the right word. Stuck – press the question mark next to the scrambled word to see the definition of the word.


4. Filtration

Watch the video below and build your very own water filter!

Complete the lesson by creating a quick slide show with pictures of your water filter in action. Also complete the worksheet as you go and share it with your teacher when you’re done.

“Build a Filter” Worksheet