About Water Conservation


Since the last drought, Tri-Valley residents have made great strides in embracing water wise habits, conserving this precious resource so that we continue to have enough water to support the economic vitality of the Tri-Valley. However, our state and community’s water future remains uncertain due to precipitation variability and a changing climate. It is more important than ever, that our community continue to embrace and adopt water conservation as a way of life.

The why of water conservation:

  • Extra dry seasons mean less snowmelt, which unfortunately means there is less water traveling to our area. While we have some infrastructure in place to capture water closer to home, and more on the way, it is not currently enough to provide all of the water we need for you. Dry years mean that the imported water that we rely heavily on may be unavailable or can come at a high cost.

  • Conservation hesitation is something we notice when we are not officially in a drought. Zone 7 wants to help all of our customers adopt water wise routines every day, drought or not, so water efficiency is a habit and less of a burden.

  • Water availability has been challenged, but not yet completely restricted. This can change. While we are investing in projects to keep water flowing to you, we cannot continue to assume that imported water sources will always be available to us. Conservation efforts must be part of our long term plan.

  • Consciousness and convenience is why we offer many rebate programs. Using water efficiently should not be overly complicated, but it makes a big difference. Visit our Rebate Programs page for more information.

The how of water conservation:

  • Fix your leaks to resolve the number one way that water is wasted at home. You’ll save money on your monthly bill and allow us to conserve water on a regional level, otherwise known as a win-win.

  • Use high-efficiency appliances to save water without changing your habits. Clothes washers and toilets are the big water users, and just by upgrading to new high-efficiency (HE) appliances, you can save water and energy.

  • Transform your lawn to make the biggest water saving impact. About 50% of water is used for outdoor irrigation. Transforming your lawn with drought resistant and native plants is easy, can save you money, and is great for the environment, improving soil health and creating natural habitats for birds, bees, butterflies and more. A bonus, native and low-water plants also require less maintenance and can fill your yard with color and interest. What’s even better, we have a rebate to help you get started. Visit our Water-Effecient Lawn Conversion page for more information.

  • Mind your water manners and turn off faucets when you are not actively using water. Brushing your teeth, scrubbing dishes, and waiting for warm shower water are three great examples of activities that could use less water if we are minding our pauses (Ps) and quantities (Qs).

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We offer rebates to make it even easier to use water conscious practices at home. We encourage you to use us as resource for all active rebate offers.