Conservation Rebate Programs

Save Water, Save Dollars!


Zone 7 offers multiple rebate programs to encourage water conservation, along with tips and resources that make becoming water-wise as easy as possible for the residents of the Tri-Valley. We believe that appreciating the true value of water should be part of our community’s way-of-life, so we are incentivizing ways to make that happen. 


Rebate: High Efficiency Clothes Washer

View from inside of a drying machine of a boy and a man looking in

receive a $200 rebate for a High Efficiency Clothes Washer 

Switching to an Energy Star Most Efficient Washer helps save water and energy! To help you with the switch, Zone 7 is proud to offer a rebate amount of up to $200. This rebate is available to customers of Dublin San Ramon Services District, Livermore Municipal Water, and the City of Pleasanton. California Water Service customers can check for rebates in their service area.


Rebate: Smart Irrigation Controllers

Conventional irrigation controllers typically call for longer irrigation runtimes than your landscaping actually needs. With smart controllers that self-adjust based on local weather data and/or soil moisture readings, your irrigation system can respond to local soil conditions.

These smart irrigation controllers are easy to install and can help you reduce water use, save money and reduce the hassle of adjusting your controller.

Dublin home with a lawn converted to drought tolerant plants showing blooms of orange, white and purple

Rebate: Water-Efficient Lawn Conversion


Check Out Our Rebate Amounts for residential and Commercial Properties!

Zone 7 Water Agency will pay you to remove large sections of thirsty, (water-greedy!) irrigated lawn and convert the area to an attractive water-wise alternative. You can reduce your water bills, enhance your property, and improve the environment. It’s simple and smart.


Garden by Number Landscape Designs

Graphic with text reading : Garden by Numbers it's as Easy as 123

choose from four beautiful Water-Wise designs

You’ve probably heard of “Paint by Number,” well this is even better. Now the palette is your yard and making it beautiful and water-wise is easy as “Plant by Number.” These Garden by Number Landscape Designs are a simple way to beautify your yard and turn your lawn into a water wise garden.