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receive a $200 rebate for a High Efficiency Clothes Washer 

Switching to an Energy Star Most Efficient Washer helps save water and energy! To help you with the switch, Zone 7 is proud to offer a rebate amount of up to $200. This rebate is available to customers of Dublin San Ramon Services District, Livermore Municipal Water, and the City of Pleasanton. California Water Service customers can check for rebates in their service area.

Please read the full application and see the list of qualifying products below before selecting a washer for purchase. The eligible washer List is periodically updated.

How to Apply:

  • Check the Qualifying Clothes Washer List below to verify that the model you are purchasing qualifies for the rebate. Only Energy Star Most Efficient clothes washers will qualify. click for the Qualifying List

  • Submit your completed application below or, complete this application within 60 days of purchase and installation. High-Efficiency Clothes Washer Rebate Program Application

  • Include your sales receipt.  Applications will not be processed without proof of purchase.

  • Mail your rebate to Zone 7 Water Agency at 100 North Canyons Parkway, Livermore, CA 94551 or email your application to:

the fine print:

  • Incomplete applications will not be processed.

  • Rebates are limited and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. This program is subject to change or end without prior notice.

  • To be eligible for the up to $200 rebate you must be a residential customer of either Livermore Municipal Water, the City of Pleasanton, or Dublin San Ramon Services District with an active account in good standing.

  • The rebate will be issues as a credit on your residential water bill. It may take up to 3 months to receive the rebate credit.

  • Commercial models do not qualify for the rebate.

  • California Water Service  (Cal Water) is not participating in Zone 7’s rebate programs. Cal Water offers their customers a company-wide rebate program at

Zone 7 Water Agency (Zone 7) and your local water retailer (City of Livermore, City of Pleasanton or Dublin San Ramon Services District)—collectively “Agencies”— are offering a rebate up to $200, for the purchase of a qualifying High Efficiency Clothes Washer. This program is valid until funds are exhausted or as determined by the Agencies.



ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for a rebate up to $200, you must be a residential water customer of City of Livermore, City of Pleasanton, or Dublin San Ramon Services District with an active account in good standing. (If you are a Cal Water customer, visit for rebate information).

Only clothes washers listed on the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient Product List qualify for rebates. There is a limit of one rebate per household within a five-year period. Qualifying clothes washer must remain at the installation site for a minimum of six months after installation date. Application (including all supporting documents) must be submitted within 60 days of purchase or installation. If using installation date, proof of installation may be required. Clothes washers that are resale units, leased, rebuilt, rented, received from warranty or insurance claims, exchanged, won as a prize or have had new parts installed in an existing unit, do not qualify. Clothes washers with silver ion technologies and clothes dryers also do not qualify for this rebate. The rebate amount may not exceed purchase price (not including taxes).

REBATE PROCESSING: This rebate is issued as a credit on your water bill from your water provider. It can take up to three months to receive a rebate credit on your water account. If an application is selected for an onsite inspection, additional processing time may be needed.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: I understand this signed and dated “High-Efficiency Clothes Washer Rebate Program Application Form”, all appropriate proof(s) of purchase, and other required documentation as described in this application must be submitted with the application. I understand that the Agencies (Zone 7 Water Agency, City of Livermore, City of Pleasanton, and Dublin San Ramon Services District) may deny any application that does not meet the rebate requirements.

I agree to allow Agencies to inspect clothes washer installations as a condition to obtaining a rebate under this program. I will allow, if requested, reasonable access to my property to verify the installed product I have purchased before a rebate is issued. I understand that this rebate program can end at any time and without notice. Further the rebate program may be suspended if allocated funds are depleted. Details, such as rebate amounts and eligible clothes washers, etc. are subject to change or end at any time without prior notice. Rebates are processed on a first-come, first- served basis and will only be processed until funds are depleted.

I understand installation of qualifying clothes washers may not result in lower water bill and the Agencies do not guarantee any clothes washer or installation to be free of defects. Nor do they guarantee the quality of workmanship, or the suitability of the premises for the clothes washer installation. I agree to indemnify and to hold harmless the Agencies and their respective Officers, Directors, Elected or Appointed Officials, Agents, and Employees against all loss, damage, expense, fees, costs, and liability arising out of or in any way connected with installation of a clothes washer.

I understand Agencies are not responsible for items lost or destroyed in transit through the mail or electronic medium. Original applications will become the joint property of the Agencies.


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