Environmental Review Documents


At Zone 7, we are fully committed to delivering our services with sensitivity to our environment, which means we take the environmental impact review process seriously. An environmental review is an evaluation a project and its potential environmental impacts to determine whether it meets local, state and federal environmental standards.

Some Zone 7 projects require an environmental review process to ensure the proposed project does not negatively impact the surrounding environment and the site will not have an adverse environmental or health effect.

Often, this process results in the publication of review documents that are available for public review and comment and are used during the decision-making process.

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Arroyo Mocho Stanley Reach Stabilization Project Environmental Documents

Creek rendering of finished Stanley Reach Stabilization project.

Environmental Documents

In 2013, Zone 7 constructed the Arroyo Mocho Stanley Reach Riparian Restoration and Channel Enhancement Pilot Project; however, in 2017 repeated heavy storm events and resulting streamflow caused significant damage to the work done in 2013.


Arroyo Mocho Medeiros Reach Floodplain Reconnection Project Environmental Documents

Mocho Arroyo river lined with green grass and trees.

Environmental Documents

Zone 7’s Arroyo Mocho Medeiros Reach Project (Medeiros Project) is an integral component of our regional flood protection strategy for Arroyo Mocho within Zone 7’s service area.

The project seeks to reduce flood risk by restoring flow to the natural floodplain in the Oak Grove Nature Reserve by lowering the trail. The lowered trail will allow high flows to overtop the trail and enter Oak Grove Nature Reserve. These types of storms are expected to occur in the 10-year to 25-year frequency range.


Patterson Pass Water Treatment Plant Upgrades and Ozonation Project Environmental Documents

A house-like building at the Peterson Pass Water Treatment Plant with green hills in the background.

Environmental Documents

This project is designed to improve water quality, taste and odor at the aging Patterson Pass Water Treatment Plant (PPWTP). The project will also increase and stabilize the treatment plant’s production capacity from 12 to 24 million gallons per day, as well as add clearwell storage, new filters, renewal replacement and some additional plant rehabilitation. Decades in the planning, this project highlights the agency’s efforts in long-term planning, fiscal responsibility and commitment to water quality and public health.