Environmental Care


Balanced Environmental Care

Zone 7 delivers services with sensitivity and care to our environmental resources. We are the designated protectors of our watershed and proactively find ways to prevent pollution. The agency took on a leadership role in creating the East Alameda County Conservation Strategy. We work to enhance fisheries to protect threatened species, and host habit conservation events in partnership with community volunteers.

Beyond our immediate atmosphere, we look long term at how we create a sustainable future. We were designated a Climate Action Leader for our work to address climate change in our operations and have taken steps to improve our energy efficiency as an organization. We pride ourselves on being an environmental steward aimed at protecting our local drinking-water supplies and flood-protection channels, as well as preserving our environment for an improved quality of life for people, plants and animals alike.


Living Arroyos

Sample habitat from Living Arroyos including stream, rocks and trees

What is Living Arroyos?

Living Arroyos is a unique community engagement program that renews and enhances urban stream and riparian (streamside) habitats to reconnect people and the arroyos in the community while protecting drinking water and preventing flooding. The following partnership is comprised of:


Fisheries Enhancement

Alameda Creek with a view of the fish ladder and hills in the background.

Something’s Fishy in the Alameda Creek Watershed

Rainbow and steelhead trout are unique species in that individual fish develop differently depending on the environment. All trout hatch in gravel-bottomed, fast-flowing, well-oxygenated rivers and streams.

Water Academy Rewards

Environmental Sustainability

Bald eagle landing on partially submerged tree in a lake, golden hills and oak trees in the background

We’re passionate about Protecting our Planet

While we are focused on delivering safe and reliable water for the people of Tri Valley, we carefully balance those needs with the care of our valuable resources, finding creative ways to align water and energy sustainability.